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Julius Caesar Cast List 

Bailey Angel - Portia/ Decius/ Cinna the Poet/ Soldier/ Plebian​

Wylie Caudill – Cassius/ Plebian

Jonathan Hall – Julius

Caesar/ Ghost/ Plebian

Max Hart – Octavius/ Marellus/ Soothsayer/ Cinna/ Plebian

Kristian Hart – Cassius Understudy

Jonathan Hibbard – Caska/ Cobbler/ Plebian

Sarah Jo Jacobs – Mark Antony/ Plebian

Madison Plucknett – Calpurnia/ Lucius/ Pindarus/ Servant/ Plebian

Kyle Seitz  - Brutus/ Plebian


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JUNE 16 at 10:00am at 

Food Trucks: 

Woodland Park - 

July 6 : Abettor Brewing Co., Longer Table Food Company

July 7: Dreaming Creek Brewery, Kona Ice, Smokebrake BBQ

July 8: Dreaming Creek Brewery, Kona Ice, Griffin's Kitchen

July 13: KY Strong BBQ

July 14: Dreaming Creek Brewery, KY Strong BBQ

July 15: Dreaming Creek Brewery, KY Strong BBQ

July 20: Abettor Brewing Co., Griffin's Kitchen

July 21: Dreaming Creek Brewery, Smokebrake BBQ

July 22: Dreaming Creek Brewery, Griffin's Kitchen

The Ravine - 

July 28: Kona Ica, Drea's Catfish Bucket

July 29: Kona Ice, KY Strong BBQ

 a two-person performance focused on some of Shakespeare's most interesting friendships. Our show explores social and emotional learning through friendship while giving students a taste of Shakespearean text. The show runs approximately 45 minutes and can be done almost anywhere, classrooms, libraries, stages, gyms, you name it!


As our pilot touring show, performances are FREE! Just sign up! 

Appalachian Shakespeare Center Presents our FALL TOURING SHOW 

Friends Forever

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